Duratracks Vidoes

Duratracks All-Terrain UTV Videos

Over twenty Duratracks all-terrain UTV Videos that demonstrate how well a Polaris RANGER equipped with the new Duratracks system can handle snow, mountains, rocks, deserts, downed trees, swamps, plowed fields and more. 

Duratracks work best when paired with the Duraclutch kit to fit your Polaris RANGER. 

Trail Grooming with 2021 a Polaris RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar
(Equipped with Duratracks and Duraclutch!)

Justin Olson demonstrates how you can save money and easily install Duratracks yourself. In this video he installs kit 15-050 on a 2021 Polaris RANGER 1000 XP. 

Navigating thick snow and hills like nothing is there. 

Keeping a grip on a snowy slant.

Duratracks help manage your ski resort better than ever. 

Duratracks All-Terrain UTV
Duratracks All-Terrain UTV

The videos below are of the first generation of our Duratracks (Gen 1 is no longer available) that have now been updated to the Gen 2 version shown above. 

Duratracks on the rocks!

Duratracks Equipped Ranger On the Rocks!

Ranger Hippo Diesel

Ranger 900 Crew

Duratracks Ranger

Duratracks Chews through the snow!

Duratracks navigates the swamp with ease

Navigating through the woods pulling a tree

Pulling the tree down the trail

Navigating ski hill terrain

Polaris Duratracks Ranger Crew
and a standard unit side by side

Traveling up a steep incline is
a breeze with Duratracks.

And Another Steep Hill!

Navigating ski hills

Pulling a snow gun up hill

Pulling the snow gun on ski hills

The original promotional video

In the thick of it all

Handling the mud

It climbs nearly any obstacle

Duratracks Videos