Frequently Asked Questions

Polaris Ranger Tracks - Duratracks

The Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Duratracks

All full size Polaris RANGER: RANGER 800s, RANGER 900’s, RANGER 1000s, and RANGER Diesels. Duratracks also works on Bobcat and Gravely UTVs.

Duratracks is the only commercial or military grade system available for everyone. It simply works better on ALL terrains, not just snow or not just dirt. It’s also the only system that ties into and makes use of all the RANGER suspension and chassis. It’s also the only system made by people that have been part of Polaris almost since day one. Please see the features page to see how Duratracks compares to all the other systems available.

You Bet. Start here, review your order, and we will call you regarding shipping. We look for the best and least expensive way to get your Duratracks system (or systems) to you. They can also be picked up from our facility in Nisswa, Minnesota if that works best for you. 

No. But we really recommend it, as it will increase your belt life and make your unit start moving much more smoothly. 

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