Duratracks G2 Specifications

Why You Need Duratracks:

  • Heavy duty. Commercial-military grade. Built for All terrain & All season.
  • Built DURATRACK tough for mud and swamp, ice and snow, rocks and sand, grass and pavement.
  • Designed for full size RANGER, Gravely & Bobcat chassis, suspension and drivetrain AWD – Optimizes rider experience compared to a “Universal” System sold by other companies.
  • Front track pods match RANGER, Gravely & Bobcat steering geometry – Tight turning radius. Excellent ride and handling. Easy steering. Drives like tires.
  • Chevron style deep lug track – Smooth running. Optimized for mud and snow. Clears mud. Grabs snow.
  • Rubber track has Xtra-Heavy polyester cord reinforced construction – No rods to break, track conforms to the terrain
  • High track pod approach angle – Run thru deep mud and snow. Climb over logs, rocks and ice.
  • Steel drive sprockets & internal rubber drive lugs – Excellent wear durability. Continuous engagement. No ratcheting.
  • Anti-rotation linkage inside track pod – High ground clearance. No hang-ups or damage.
  • 40 large wide rubber tired wheels – Full track support. Cushioned impact. Low rolling resistance
  • Unitized bearings with shielded seals – Lubed for life. No maintenance. No rock or debris damage.
  • Exclusive SVI Traction Control System (TCS). – Automatic front track engagement. Rear differential lock. Computer controlled drivetrain protection. No pushing in turns. Turns sharp as tires. Reduced drive shaft stress. Ideal for fragile environments.
  • DURATRACK KIT comes with everything you need to get rolling – Includes: Front & Rear Pods, mounting brackets, Traction Control System, mounting hardware, track break-in powder, decals & manuals.
  • Pod frame is E-coat dipped with hammered powder coat finish – Provides excellent durability with superior corrosion resistance. Built for all conditions, anytime, anywhere
  • Front pod guide rails – Steel rail with UHMW guide prevents derailing
  • Open frame design – Easy to clean after a day in the harshest environments
SPECIFICATIONS: SAE (Metric Units) Download a PDF of these Specs
FRONT PODS Tire patch profile, high approach angle. 2 – 12 in (30.5 cm) wheels, 8 – 7 in (17.8 cm) wheels
REAR PODS Rocker profile. 2 – 12 in (30.5 cm) wheels, 8 – 7 in (17.8 cm) wheels.
GROUND PRESSURE – Ave. full profile contact Full Size RANGER: Curb-.087lbs/sqin (0.06kg/sqcm), GVW-1.53 (0.11). CREW: Curb-0.99 (0.07), GVW-1.64 (0.12)
TRACKS – length x width 100 x 14 in (254 x 35.6 cm). Internal drive. Chevron self-cleaning 1 1/4 in (3.2 cm) lug. Ice studs available
WHEELS UHMW wheels with rubber molded tire, 12 in are 1.675 in (4.26 cm) wide, 7 in are 3.125 in (7.94 cm) wide
DRIVE SPROCKETS 18 tooth Steel – front and rear sprockets to match specific RANGER vehicle AWD system.
TRACK FRAME Steel – with mud/ice sprocket scraper
OVERALL VEHICLE DIMENSIONS – L x W x H Full Size RANGER with cab: 135 x 69 x 82.5 (343 x 175.26 x 209.55 cm),
Ranger CREW with cab: 166.5 x 69 x82.5 (423 x 175.26 x 209.55 cm)
GROUND CLEARANCE – Curb Full Size RANGER & CREW: 18 in (45.72 cm)
POD WEIGHT Front 157 lbs (71.21 kg), Rear 146 lbs (66.22 kg)
ANTI-ROTATION LINKAGE Inside track frame for no ground, rock, ice or debris interference. Adjustable.
TRACTION CONTROL Separated functions. Front drive activated, automatic engagement. Rear differential lock, dash switch.
MOUNTING BRACKETS AND HARDWARE Front and rear control arm reinforcement brackets and hardware included.
TRACK TENSION One tension adjuster per pod.
GVW Use vehicle specs, does not change with DURATRACKS installed
Duratracks All-Terrain UTV
Duratracks All-Terrain UTV